Gordon Woodhull

(718) 288-7258


Based in the NYC area, I build reusable visualization software to help users explore and understand their data.


Languages: JavaScript, C/C++, R, Python, Java, Perl, SQL, C#, XML schemas, HTML, ML, ...

Tools and Frameworks: Web: D3, React, Redux, SVG, WebGL, Canvas; C++: Boost, STL, clang, gcc, make, yacc

Operating Systems: Unix, macOS, Windows


AT&T Research, Information Visualization and Database Research departments. Consultant, 2/13 – 12/14. Senior Inventive Scientist, 1/15 – present
Currently building tools for automatic remediation of Java software vulnerabilities, and expanding open source software for generalized semantic patching and automated learning of patches from examples
Previously created visualization tools in SVG, D3, React, WebGL, and Leaflet for data scientists and network operations

BoostPro Computing. Consultant, 9/11 – 12/12
Added Borland object model extensions to the Clang C++ compiler for Embarcadero C++Builder

Morgan Stanley, Counterparty Risk group. Senior Developer, 9/08 – 3/11
Design and maintenance of multithreaded, multiprocess, and distributed market simulation and pricing software systems in C++ and Perl on Unix

Bloomberg LP, Trading Systems group. Senior Developer, 4/07 – 5/08
Brought legacy Fortan and C Trading Systems code into the safe, modern C++ Ticketing API. Responsible for Indexes, Preferred Shares, Notes, C++ classes for safe handling of binary CUSIPs


New York University. M.S., Computer Science. Michael Waller Master's Fellow

University of California at Berkeley. B.A., Computer Science (Honors) and Comparative Literature. Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

Amherst Regional High School. Amherst, Massachusetts

Open Source

Main author unless noted.

dc.graph.js. Interactive, data-driven, and customizable network visualization, with layout provided by d3-force, Graphviz, webcola, and dagre, rendered in SVG using D3

dc.js, dc.leaflet.js. Maintainer. Charts and maps that brush and filter each other, built on Crossfilter and D3. Co-maintainer of community fork of Crossfilter. Author of auxilliary libraries dc.datatables.js, xfilter

MPL.Graph. Proposed Boost library for graph metaprogramming, housed in the Meta State Machine (MSM) library/p>

Dynagraph. Cross-platform C++ library that draws changing networks. Created the core libraries and ported Graphviz layout algorithms from C to C++


Shkapenyuk, Jamkhedkar, Johnson, Kanza, Shaikh, Shankaranarayanan and Woodhull (2017). Virtualized Network Service Topology Exploration Using Nepal. ACM SIGMOD 2017

North, Scheidegger, Urbanek and Woodhull (2015). Collaborative Visual Analysis with RCloud. IEEE Visual Analytics Science and Technology

Woodhull (2011). A Library for Graph Metaprogramming. (slides) (video) BoostCon

Eisner, Kornbluh, Woodhull, Buse, Huang, Michael and Shafer (2006). Visual navigation through large directed graphs and hypergraphs. Poster/Demo Session, IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization

North and Woodhull (2001) On-line Hierarchical Graph Drawing. Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Graph Drawing

Woodhull and North (1998) Montage – an ActiveX Container for Dynamic Interfaces. Proceedings of the 2nd USENIX Windows NT Symposium