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History Web

History Web is (or could be) a browsing navigation tool which draws a map of all links you follow while surfing the web. I have always been annoyed with the built-in history stack (back and forward buttons) of internet browsers: if you go back in the history and then click on a link, a whole branch of exploration is erased.

All browsers have nice history bars on the side of the screen which let you sort and search your history list in various ways, but these don't show the structure of links that got you through those pages.

History Web uses the Dynagraph graph-drawing tool to draw a map of your explorations as you go.

Unfortunately, it's only for Internet Explorer, and it's got a terrible crashing bug that won't let you open more than one window.. not so useful.

So, I'll just show some pictures of it from two years ago. It's a good idea, right? I plan to implement a Java version using for my preferred browser, Mozilla Firefox, and for other platforms.