Gordon Woodhull
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Version 1.0 now available at the official Dynagraph web site, dynagraph.org!

For six happy years I was a consultant to the Information Visualization Group at AT&T Labs Research. I continued the Graphviz work of Stephen C. North and Emden R. Gansner (authors of dot and neato) into the realm of dynamic graph drawing: the drawing of networks that change over time.

Dynagraph is a cross-platform library written in C++. It can be used directly in C++ programs, in Windows programs via COM wrapper classes, or in other environments using the executable with input and output over pipes. I wrote the Windows front-end Dynagraph for Windows from scratch using ATL, and adapted John Mocenigo's Grappa for the Java front-end Dynagraph for Grappa.

I left AT&T in 2003, but through the magic of the Common Public License, I was able to take my work with me. Dynagraph is no longer part of Graphviz but it is available from dynagraph.org.

Currently I am working with the Dyna group at Johns Hopkins University, who use Dynagraph to visualize and debug the huge graphs associated with dynamic programming and natural language processing. We hope to generalize this browser, Dynasty, for general huge graph exploration.

Here is the DynaDAG paper, which I presented at Graph Drawing 2001 in Vienna.

Dynagraph is licensed under the Common Public License.