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Bipolar House

Try Sleepy 6.3! (flash)
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Bipolar House is a 100% accurate simulation of human personalities and the way they will interact in a particular architecture. Simply draw the floor plan of your home and plug in the personalities of the people you live with, and you can determine with scientific accuracy:

  • the way those people will get along as the months and years go by
  • how a potential roommate would work out
  • how the house will react if you change your personality
  • (oh holiest of grails) if your lover is really the one for you

Yes, all of those human irrationalities which have by tradition been left to hopes, fears, and time to decide, can now be calculated empirically with the aid of your personal computer!


Sleepy 6.3 (flash) is our most advanced simulation, modelling both attraction and repulsion! However, these peops still don't have any personality. Does it look as if they're reacting to things? Well, they're not.. unless you view all physics as manifestation of an all-encompassing consciousness, in which case you must please read anything you want into this simulation.

Version Sleepy 0.02 depicts completely random personalities wandering randomly around a Window™.

In version Happy π, we trapped random people from the Web in virtual billiard balls and set them to bounce around a frictionless Javascript page. (This one works better in Mozilla because it uses transparent PNGs.)